Help Dawg Pound Daily and the ESPN Ultimate Standings


It’s that time again to help contribute to ESPN the Magazine, as the yearly Ultimate Standings are upon us. Here’s where the Browns stand in this year’s rankings, courtesy of Morty Ain:

"The Browns moved up a bit in the rankings though the team took a huge hit in “Bang for the Buck.” ‘Ownership,’ ‘Stadium Experience’ and ‘Fan Relations’ continue to be graded very poorly by the fans. However, there was some improvement in how the fans felt about the players, and the affordability of a game."

So what do you think? Why do you think the Browns have failed in some areas but improved in others? You can answer any of those questions, or you can provide any opinion you might have on the current state of the team, including the sentiment over the current management in place.

Just provide your input in this post and you could soon see it on!

P.S. Here is the link to last year’s article: