Former Browns Wide Receiver Braylon Edwards Avoids Suspension

By Editorial Staff

Well, it appears that the moral saint of the NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell, has decided that pleading no contest to assault misdemeanour by clubbing a friend of LeBron James outside a Cleveland night club last October is not deserving of any suspension for former Browns wide receiver Braylon Edwards, now with the New York Jets (he was traded within days of the incident in question).

Although Braylon violated the league’s personal conduct policy, Goodell will treat this matter with a fine likely equivalent to you or I throwing an extra 25 cents into the fountain at the mall.

It is nice to see that Goodell treats violations of the NFL’s personal conduct policy in a consistent manner.  When it comes to an unintentional crime, like DUI manslaughter, if the Criminal Court hands out what the commish feels is too lenient of a sentence, he will suspend the culprit indefinitely, yet if the player commits an intentional crime such as assault, no suspension is in order regardless of what happens with the police or the court.

We will be sure to hold Saint Goodell to the same standard and logic when it comes to Shaun Rogers.  Surely, his conduct, even if criminal, ought not to amount to any suspension.  But then again, don’t hold your breath.  It is, after all, Roger Goodell.

Goodell and Edwards deserve each other.  Hey Braylon:  maybe the golden nugget chip on your shoulder had something to do with your uncanny ability to drop footballs?  We also look forward to your return to Cleveland Browns Stadium.  Take a look at Mohamed Massaquoi on the field and see what a little heart can do.

Go Browns!