The Browns are Once Again the Kings of Cleveland


It’s finally over.

The farce and fiasco that was the entire LeBron James process ended with him signing in Miami. James’ time in Cleveland has come to an end.

I say good riddance. LeBron led the Cavaliers to the best record in the NBA the last two years but each time both the Cavs, and James himself, fell short in the playoffs when it counted the most.

Now LeBron can lean on Dwyane Wade, a guy who has not only won a title but was named NBA Finals MVP, to help him win his own championship ring.

It’s back to normal in Cleveland. With the Indians atrocious and the Cavs soon to fall off the NBA map, the Browns once again take center stage.

It’s not as if the Browns haven’t always been No. 1 in the hearts of Cleveland fans. Regardless of how popular LeBron had become, it’s still the dream of most people in Cleveland to see their beloved Browns win a Super Bowl some time in their lifetime.

That probably won’t happen in 2010. On paper, the Browns are improved but still a long way from being Super Bowl contenders. However, that doesn’t matter anymore.

With Cleveland’s biggest sports star headed to South Beach, the Browns are once again the biggest thing in town. And in some respects, the only thing in town.

That’s just how I like it. Have fun in Miami King James. Just remember one thing: Money doesn’t always buy championships. At some point you will need to make big shots in the fourth quarter of a playoff game.

The again, maybe the Heat will just leave that job up to Wade. At least he’s done it before.