Quarterback Platoon in Cleveland? Please, No!


Yesterday, several Browns-related media outlets touched upon the idea of a possible quarteback platoon situation brewing between Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace, as the former Seattle Seahawk has been seen frequently spelling the former Carolina Panther early in his reps with the ones during training camp.

While a QB platoon is certainly an interesting thing to discuss in the dog days of August, it’s really just crazy to believe that a platoon between Delhomme and Wallace is going to happen – or that it’s a good idea.

For one, this is the NFL we’re talking about – not the NCAA. You can get away with a QB platoon in college – where maybe one QB can throw the ball and the other is more of a running threat – but it’s a concept that just isn’t suited for the professional level.

Finding a rhythm is very important for NFL quarterbacks, and that implies both in reading defenses and throwing the football. Watch Peyton Manning or Drew Brees any given Sunday if you don’t believe me. Jerking QB’s in and out at the NFL level is a surefire way to ensure that neither quarterback ever finds their  rhythm.

Besides Browns fans,  stability is the one thing we’ve yearned about for years in terms of the quarterback position. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that any situation that involves playing both Delhomme or Wallace on a  series-by-series or even a play-by-play basis is not a stable environment for our offense.

With that said, I think that the smart thing to do is give Delhomme the first crack at the job. Not only should the Browns try to get some bang for their buck right off the bat ($7 million guaranteed), but Delhomme’s earned it. I mean, over 9 seasons, he’s thrown for 19,892 yards and 123 touchdowns. Those aren’t Hall of Fame numbers by any stretch, but they’re certainly more impressive than Wallace’s meager totals of 3,547 yards and 25 touchdowns in much more limited and sporadic playing time (48 games in 5 seasons with the Seahawks).

So at least give Jake  a couple games to prove himself, and if he falters, turn it over to Wallace.

I think this is a much more sensible way of handling the QB situation than by platooning the pair, and I also think that this is probably how it will play out.

I’m not trying to discredit Delhomme by any means, and I really like what he brings to the table (professionalism and experience), but I highly doubt he’ll start all 16 games this  season. Instead, I’m expecting to see Wallace pretty  early in the season based on the fact that Delhomme’s been in free fall since his six turnover playoff debacle against the Arizona Cardinals two seasons ago.

And, I’m fine with Wallace playing, and probably a little more excited. There’s a lot more potential for the Browns offense with Wallace behind center, anyway. Not only does he have a very strong arm, but he moves well in the pocket and is definitely a threat with his legs. Wallace is capable of making plays, where as the ceiling for Delhomme this season is nothing more than a quality game manager and effective mentor to rookie Colt McCoy.

Let’s face it, neither of these guys are bonafide NFL starting quarterbacks, but we’re still in much better shape than we were a year ago with the epic Derek Anderson v. Brady Quinn position battle.