Why Does Everyone Hate the Brown Pants?


I’d say that, for the most part, the Browns’ first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers was a success. The team did not look completely inept on offense, showing the signs of being a unit that will actually build on the last four games of 2009. However, the one major disappointment comes in the form of the team’s uniform configuration.

I’m all for tradition, and I like the white-on-white look, but I feel like I was the only fan of the all-brown pants that became a fixture for all of the team’s road games last season. Most people, however, seem to have something against these pants, comparing the solid color to, say, diarrhea. Or maybe it’s because this uniform combination is most associated with losing.

Either way, the Browns abandoned these pants on Saturday night against the Packers, which is more than just disappointing. There is no word yet on whether these pants will be gone for good, but my gut is telling me we might have seen the last of this uniform. Browns fans everywhere can now rejoice, but for me, I will stow this away as a fond memory, tucked away with the rest of the Browns’ past alternate uniforms.

Maybe I’m just crazy. This is coming from a guy who actually liked the all-orange experiment.

So let’s see what everyone thinks. Glad to see the brown pants go, or are you able to stomach the team messing around with the uniform?