In Mangini We Trust?


Ok, so by now we have already heard about the possibility that rookie QB Colt McCoy is on the “bubble,” and unless he performs well in this weekend’s game and the following one,  could be cut from the final 53-man roster. It’s crazy if you ask me, but more on that in a moment.

No, the shocking/head-scratching news today comes from head coach Eric Mangini, who in typical Mangini fashion, offers us nothing but yet so much:

"That’s something that we will talk about as the cuts get closer…I’ve kept four as a head coach and have been on teams that have kept four as an assistant coach. I have also been on [teams that only kept] two."

It’s pretty clear who the first two QB’s are going to be (Jake Delhomme, and Seneca Wallace) which will be a nice change from year’s past when controversy constantly surrounded the top two.  However when we examine McCoy and Brett Ratliff, things become dicey.  On the one hand you have Mangini’s guy, Ratliff, and on the other you have President Mike Holmgren’s, McCoy, battling it out for the third QB spot.

Now if this sounds kind of amusing to you, then good. But isn’t it nice to finally know who our starting QB is before the season starts for a change? Anyway, the point I am making is this: was it not the plan all along to let McCoy sit for a year or two years and learn the system under both Delhomme and Wallace? Isn’t McCoy the guy who Holmgren pulled rank on, so he could get “his guy” in this past season’s draft? Isn’t Colt McCoy only a rookie and a 3rd round pick (though not a high pick, but one you would hope to get some production out off)?

All of this being said, isn’t it a bit too early for a certain Browns beat writer to be questioning if a 3rd round quarterback, who was supposed to sit for a season or two , is really on the bubble? Not to mention, this same reporter also thinks WR Carlton Mitchell is on the same bubble.  The answer to all of this question is: YES. Yes it is.  So everyone, please take a deep breath, and know that in all likelihood Colt McCoy will be on the team this upcoming season.  That isn’t to say that we cannot revisit this question next year if things do not improve, but that’s a question for the summer/fall of 2011.

*Also, in unrelated news, the Browns picked up DL Travis Ivey off of waivers from the Miami Dolphins.  Now you may ask yourself, who is Travis Ivey?  Good question.  He’s this guy: – Once I found out the Browns picked this guy up, I just had to get this picture in a post any way possible.