Does Ndamukong Suh Deserve a Harsher Penalty?


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has been fined $7,500 by the NFL for roughing Browns quarterback Jake Delhomme and then throwing him to the ground during their preseason match-up back on August 28th. There is no doubt that many Browns fans are glad to see Suh at least pay a little for what he did, but was it enough?

I know what kind of sport football is, and I understand that it is violent, but Suh’s mistake was ripping Delhomme to the ground after a facemask penalty. Oh, and that it was a preseason game, where it is understood that players are simply trying to get their timing down and stay healthy before the games actually count. This would most likely be a non-issue during the season, but Suh needs to realize (as I’m sure he now does) that he can’t just grab a quarterback by the face and then take it to the next level by consciously spinning him around and violently throwing him to the ground. Especially in today’s NFL.

That being said, I think Suh’s fine was a fair amount, and he certainly did not deserve to be suspended, as Seneca Wallace suggested. It was just a mistake by a rookie looking to make a good impression on the coaching staff.

What do you think? Did Suh deserve a heftier fine, or even a suspension?