QB Jake Delhomme Now Doubtful (i.e. Look for Seneca Wallace on Sunday)


After sitting out practice once again on Friday, quarterback Jake Delhomme is now listed as doubtful for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Seneca Wallace now looks like he will be starting on Sunday, though he has only said he’s “somewhat” been told that he’ll start the game. Either Eric Mangini wants to keep the Chiefs guessing or this is him going a little far with the mystery once again by keeping his own players in the dark. I’m just going to assume Wallace knows what’s going on and is being coy about it.

So, if you’ve got Delhomme on your fantasy team, make sure not to play him this week. Also, if you’ve got Jake Delhomme on your fantasy team, can I ask why?

In better news, the Browns have the lowest average ticket prices in the league at $54.51. The New England Patriots, on the other hand, have the highest average ticket prices at $117.84. And those fans want to leave those games early just because the Pats are winning? For that kind of money, I’d stay in the stadium until somebody kicked me out.