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To get a different perspective on the Cleveland Browns’ match-up with the Kansas City Chiefs, we talked with blogger Patrick Allen of Arrowhead Addict. Keep reading for his preview and prediction for the game:

1. The Chiefs are riding high after a victory over the San Diego Chargers in Week 1. Do you expect a letdown against the Browns or is this the team we can expect to see throughout the course of the season?

The Chiefs are a better team this year. There is no doubt about that. However, I would caution any Chiefs fan to get too excited about the win over the Chargers. By that I mean that this is still a young team that is likely to see a lot of ups and downs. They are at that developmental stage where they are dangerous to other teams but also to themselves. For instance, both Charger touchdowns were the result of blown coverages by first round pick Eric Berry. However, without Berry, maybe the Chiefs don’t win at all. You just can’t tell.

I think the Chiefs will look good one minute and bad the next. That means every team they play, regardless of talent level, will be a threat. Still, it is evident that the team is moving in the right direction and learning how to win so there should be more ups than downs.

2. Defensively, the Chiefs look much-improved. Who will be the biggest playmaker on defense for the Chiefs?

The Chiefs have a lot of young talent on D that can hurt you. Watch out for the Branden’s (Carr and Fowers) they are turning in to quite the corner duo. Tamba Hali is our best pass rusher and of course, Eric Berry has all the tools to make an impact on any game, rookie or not.

Lastly, keep an eye on Glenn Dorsey. Dorsey finally played up to his potential against the Chargers. If he can show it was not just a one game fluke, he could be very dangerous as well.

I must give an honorable mention to LB Derrick Johnson. Frankly, DJ was brilliant last week but we have seen him be brilliant before. If he shows he can do it consistently I will be excited but until then I am not holding my breath.

3. What should the Browns look for offensively from the Chiefs? I imagine they want to improve upon last week’s passing numbers but Jamaal Charles against the Browns’ run D has to be enticing.

I think Matt Cassel is taking a lot of heat right now and I know the Chiefs are paying attention. I think they will come out and try to get the passing game going early. I think this is a smart move but they had better be careful. I watched the Browns game last week and I was pretty impressed with your young secondary. That, coupled with my lack of confidence in Cassel, makes me a little worried. The Chiefs need to throw but they need to make sure they don’t try to force the passing game.

The Chiefs offense is going to begin and end with the run. Look for a lot of draws, traps, counters and pitches. Those will be mixed with a lot of screens, slants and play action. Cassel isn’t going to burn you deep ala Philip Rivers. His job will is to distribute the ball to playmakers and let them do the work. Best advice I can give the Browns D is to make sure they tackle well because if they don’t, guys like Charles and McCluster will make them pay.

4.What are your initial impressions of our good friend Romeo Crennel as the new defensive coordinator?

Crennel appears to be doing a great job. Rain or no rain, any time you hold the Chargers to a measly 14 pints you are doing something right. The Chiefs are playing an aggressive style of defense, particularly in the pass rush department.  They are looking for their talented secondary to hold down coverage so they can blitz. The secondary is good but they are young. The way to beat them is to trick them in to making mistakes, which Norv Turner did last week by faking out Eric Berry using Antonio Gates.

5. So, who wins this one?

I grew up in Cleveland. My father is a Browns fan and other than the Chiefs, there is no team I follow more closely than the Browns. I have been to Cleveland Browns stadium and I know how passionate Browns fans are. It is not going to be an easy place for the Chiefs to play.

I predict a bit of a sloppy game with it’s fair share of turnovers. I think in the end, Crennel is the the x factor here. He is a better coordinator than a head coach and I think he keeps the Chiefs in the game with a smart defensive game plan.

Chiefs 16, Browns 13

Thanks to Patrick from Arrowhead Addict for the Q+A! Head over to the site to read my preview of the game, including my prediction. Sorry, everybody, I took the Chiefs in this one.