Colt McCoy Likely to Start Sunday, Browns Sign Brett Ratliff


It looks like rookie quarterback Colt McCoy is going to get his shot sooner rather than later, as ankle sprains have continued to decimated the rest of the Browns’ quarterbacks. Seneca Wallace suffered his sprain at the end of the first half and Jake Delhomme, already nursing an ankle injury that kept him out since the first game of the season, re-injured his ankle on Sunday, suffering both a high and low ankle sprain.

As both quarterbacks undergo MRIs, the Browns enter damage control. Ankle sprains are tricky and keep players out for varying lengths of time, which means both Wallace and Delhomme will most likely be unreliable for at least the next week or so. That means McCoy could very well start his first regular season game in the NFL against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This will certainly complicate the feelings of Browns fans. You haven’t heard such an overwhelming clamoring for McCoy because I doubt many of us figured he was ready for regular season action. He’s just one of those quarterbacks that seems to need being ushered in slowly rather than thrust into the fire against one of the league’s best defenses. But that’s just how things go for the Browns, and McCoy will need to be ready either way.

The Browns also signed Brett Ratliff as a back-up just in case both Wallace and Delhomme are unable to go.