It’s Official: Colt McCoy is Starting Against the Steelers


The suspicions are confirmed: rookie quarterback Colt McCoy will be making his first start against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday afternoon. It’s exciting to think about because the Browns are 1-4 and once again spiraling towards a dismal season that ends in a top-10 draft pick.

On the other hand, it’s not so exciting to think about what the Steelers defense is most likely going to do to McCoy and the rest of the offense. With Peyton Hillis hurting, rushing yards might be even harder to come by, which is something that does not bode well for McCoy. He can’t be expected to carry the offense, but there might not be much of a choice. Something tells me the Steelers are going to feast on the conservative play-calling that is sure to happen.

I want to believe that the Browns will get creative with the offense, utilizing Josh Cribbs the same way they did in last season’s win over the Steelers, but there’s little this offense has done in the past to give me much confidence in that.

What do you think? Will the Browns get creative with the offense, pound the ball to take the pressure off McCoy, or feed the rookie to the wolves?