QB Seneca Wallace Expects to Be Ready to Play on Sunday


Quarterback Seneca Wallace, recovering from a high ankle sprain, expects to start practicing this week, as he is no longer limping due to his injury. The bye weekend has seemingly done a lot for the recoveries of both Wallace and Jake Delhomme, though it does not look like Delhomme will be in the mix to play this weekend.

As he returns to practice, Wallace also expects to be ready to play this Sunday against the New England Patriots, putting the pressure on the coaching staff to make a decision between him and rookie Colt McCoy. Wallace obviously has his injury working against him, as any sign of the ankle sprain won’t bode well for his chances. But if he practices this week without any hiccups, he’s got a good shot at starting this week.

McCoy’s serviceable play has given the Browns the luxury of resting both Wallace and Delhomme, but they’ll be healthy eventually. Fans have to resist the temptation to simply hand it over to McCoy immediately because it’s simply not his time. Sure, his first two games showed plenty of promise, but there will no doubt be a head-scratching, “oh right, he’s a rookie” type of game coming at some point as he continues to play.

McCoy gained valuable experience against the Steelers and Saints, but, if healthy, Wallace should play.