Q+A with the Enemy: New York Jets Blog, The J-E-T Press


To get a better perspective on Sunday’s match-up against the New York Jets, I posed five questions to Jets blogger Marc Greenberg of The J-E-T Press. You can my answers to his questions here.

1. Despite a 6-2 record, how concerned are you about the last two games the Jets have played (9-0 loss to the Packers and a 23-20 win against the Lions) and how this team will play down the stretch?

The main concern  is the offense and QB Mark Sanchez.  He doesn’t seem 100% comfortable with his passes just yet.  Most defenses are loading up on the line and daring Sanchez to beat them.  Not sure he can do that yet.

2. How do you see the Jets handling their running backs in this game? Will Shonn Greene start to see more carries to keep LaDainian Tomlinson healthy, or will the Jets ride Tomlinson until he breaks down?

The Jets will ride LaDainian Tomlinson until he breaks.  We’ve played half the season and LT has been much better than Shonn Greene.  Now, with that being said, Greene has shown some spark over the past two weeks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Greene starts to see more action.  LT will still get the lion’s share this week but Greene may break a good run.

3. How do the Jets plan to stop a Browns offense that is firing on all cylinders?

The Jets defense has a ton of confidence right now.  They will load the box for Peyton Hillis and play man-to-man with Darrelle Revis and Antonio CromartieColt McCoy may be in for a day full of blitzes.

4. Give me an underrated player on offense and on defense that the Browns should look out for.

On offense, it’s tough to name an underrated player (Edwards, Holmes, Keller, LT, Greene, Cotchery).  I would say Dustin Keller is the most underrated and he’s also Sanchez’s favorite player so watch out for 81. On defense, David Harris and Bart Scott have both been underrated – they are great tacklers and blitzers.

5. So, who wins this one?

Picking the Jets for this.  A great defense will confuse and hit McCoy and stop the run.  That’s all it takes.

Jets 31

Browns 9