Around the Dawg Pound: Friday Afternoon Links


I figured I would say a little bit more about the tackled 8-year-old situation. At this point, it’s impossible to truly know what happened (did this drunk fan really tackle the kid? did he just trip? did anything happen at all?), and it’s reasonable to think that the whole situation seems fishy. However, I cannot just completely disregard what this kid’s mother had to say going off of the father and her son’s experience.

Knowing certain kinds of Browns fans, it is likely that some of them were throwing swears around and being a little rowdy. Whether or not someone actually tackled this kid (and by that, I mean, whether or not it was intentional to knock this kid down), it probably comes down to a few people being a little too rowdy after the game, that’s all. Still, people will look at this story a certain way, no matter what.

Maybe this eyewitness account will help clear things up.

And now, some TGIF links!