Former Browns QB Derek Anderson Has Eventful Postgame (Video)


I bet Derek Anderson is longing for the days back in 2007 when Browns fans were lavishing praise on the gunslinger, only to discover his flaws as a quarterback as the season wore on. Despite playing his way out of Cleveland, Anderson is now the starter with the Arizona Cardinals and, as you might have guessed, it’s not going so well.

On Monday, the Cardinals – looking pre-Kurt Warner hapless – lost to the San Francisco 49ers to fall to 3-8. The Monday Night Football cameras caught Anderson apparently laughing about something on the sidelines near the end of the game and you just knew the media would be all over it.

A lot of headlines are calling this a “tirade” or a “meltdown” but to be honest, I have to side with Anderson on this one. No one knows the context of what the two teammates were talking about and the reporter, who was trying to be “diplomatic”, wouldn’t stop digging into the situation. There is way too much being made of this; just because he cracked a smile at something Deuce Lutui said means he doesn’t care? I hate to bring up this point but hey, this is just a game, remember?

Either way, here’s the “tirade”: