Colt McCoy Doubtful for Sunday, But Looking to Play Again in 2010


Quarterback Jake Delhomme has already been named the official starter for Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins, but rookie Colt McCoy is determined to get back on the field this season.

The young quarterback out of Texas continues to study game film and opponents and, most of all, hope that his ankle heals enough to allow him to play once again this season. Like McCoy, Browns fans are eager to see him build off the success of his first few starts, where he helped lead the Browns to victories over the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots.

In his absence, Delhomme has been the starter, coming under plenty of fire from fans and the media for throwing two interceptions and nearly throwing a couple more last week against the Carolina Panthers. Call it rust or the dreaded tag of “diminishing skills” but I have no doubt that Delhomme has been the perfect mentor for McCoy.

All too often young quarterbacks are thrust into situations without much guidance on not just how to play, but on the little nuances that come with playing professional football. For that, we should all be thankful that Jake Delhomme is on the team, even if sometimes cover our eyes when he drops back to throw.

As for McCoy, he likes the prospects of being able to play again this season. He wouldn’t speculate on whether or not he would once again be the starter when he returns, but if he’s not, fans might cause a riot. McCoy’s just being humble, but he’s certainly done enough to earn that role, and Delhomme might even realize it.

Let’s hope Delhomme can minimize the mistakes and hold down the fort until McCoy returns because at 4-7, I think this team is still playing for head coach Eric Mangini’s job.