McCoy to Start for the Rest of the Season – Delhomme Done?


It seems like Colt McCoy is now at full strength. During his press conference today, Eric Mangini made Colt McCoy the starter for the rest of the season. McCoy has been out the previous three weeks with a high ankle sprain. Mangini also stated that this move is not to just see what they have in him, but rather that McCoy had earned the spot as the starter.

To be honest, this should have been the easiest decision Mangini has made all year. McCoy leads the team in passing yards, touchdowns, completion percentage, and quarterback rating. I really do believe that Colt has won the starting job. McCoy has been able to move the offense up and down the field and is the best option at quarterback on the roster. With Colt starting, I am getting that cautious optimism again like I had earlier in the season. What can I say, he makes the team run better and makes me want to watch the Browns even more than usual.

This leads to Jake Delhomme. This week versus Buffalo made me cringe a bit. A few times, I had to just look away when he went back to throw.  With his inability to run this offense, his huge salary, and with the emergence of Colt McCoy, I think Jake will be released as soon as the season is over. The experiment didn’t work and the Browns should just cut its ties with him and let him go. This was a pretty large miss by Holmgren and crew but it wasn’t all for naught. Jake was able to pass on some of his veteran knowledge to McCoy and let him sit and watch the game. Was it worth the $ 7 million ? Probably not.  But I also don’t think Colt would have been ready for game one of this season.

So the Colt McCoy era starts once again. Let’s just hope he can bring this team together and give the Browns a late season run to get to .500 and possibly save Eric Mangini’s job.