Is 7-9 the Only Way Eric Mangini Can Save His Job, or Does It Even Matter?


 Earlier this week reports surfaced from ESPN that Browns head coach Eric Mangini was going to be fired at the end of the regular season regardless of the way the final three games played out. Then you didn’t hear much about it, mainly because it became overshadowed by the news that Colt McCoy was returning at quarterback for the remainder of the season.

If the Mangini rumors are true, it’s a downright shame. It’s disheartening to think these final three games have no bearing on Mangini’s job status because they should have EVERYTHING to do with whether Mangini returns for a third season or not.  It’s only fair.

If the Browns drop the next three and finish 5-11, then by all means fire the guy. It’s understandable. 5-11 is not an improvement on 5-11. I’ve long been a Mangini supporter, but even I can’t make a case for him if the Browns lose out.

I can if the Browns go 1-2, and I most likely will as long as all three games are competitive and relatively close. Still, I’m under the impression that 6-10 most likely isn’t going to cut it.

To me, 7-9 is Mangini’s golden ticket for Year 3, or at least it should be if the Walrus hasn’t already made up his mind.  If Mangini’s able to somehow make this happen, then it’s a crime if he isn’t given another season.

I just think there’s no way in good conscience you can run Mangini out of town if the Browns finish at 7-9 with a 3-3 record in the AFC North.

What do you think?