Can the Cleveland Browns Avoid a Letdown in Cincinnati?


Alright, Cleveland, the quarterback that gives you the best chance to win is finally back on the field, and he’s going up against a team that has dropped ten games in a row.

Your head coach’s job is on the line these next three weeks and I imagine he’d really appreciate a quality effort on both sides of the ball. Not that you haven’t been giving 110% this entire season, but let’s just say you’re starting to earn the reputation of “playing down to your opponent.”

A team like the Cincinnati Bengals is no doubt demoralized by dropping ten straight games, but it also means they’re going to do everything in their power to try and break that streak. It’s been said a billion times, but any team can win on any given week in the NFL. The Bengals may have transformed back into the Bungles, but today’s game is still no cakewalk.

Imagine it like this: the Browns are embarking on a journey across the ocean in an old, old wooden ship – maybe called Diversity – and every fumble, horrendous offensive series, or missed tackle is like another cannonball from a group of pirates ripping into the hull. After a while, that ship is going to sink.

And these waters are inhabited by ravenous sharks, which is roughly equivalent to media members who want to see Eric Mangini gone so the Jon Gruden love fest can begin.

You don’t want that to happen, do you? Let’s keep that ship afloat, shall we?