Rapid Reaction: Bengals 19 – Browns 17


– The Browns were just overpowered  in this game. Cedric Benson ran for 150 yards on 31 carries. I can count on my hand how many times the Browns were able to stop him in the backfield; Once. This was a very disappointing game.

– The D can’t get all of the blame in this one. The offense could hardly hold onto the ball, losing the time of possession battle 38:03 to 21:57. The D had to be winded for most of this game.

– As if we needed a reminder, Colt McCoy is pretty good. McCoy was 19-25, 243 yards, 2 TDs and 0 interceptions.

– RB Peyton Hillis had a below average day with under 100 total yards and no touchdowns. Could it be he is wearing down late in the season?

– Coach Eric Mangini decided to kick a field goal on 4th and one inside the Bengals 10 in the 4th quarter. You really have nothing to lose at this point, why not go for the first and possibly a touchdown. Calls like this could be what costs him his job.

– WR Brian Robiskie scored his first career touchdown on a 46 yard pass from Colt McCoy. This was very encouraging as many Browns fans have been calling him a bust. Maybe this is the turning point for him. It was also good to see TE Robert Royal do something other than block. He has pretty good hands for a guy his size.

– Coach Brian Daboll‘s play calling on the first drive and in the 4th quarter was great. As for the rest of the game, not so much. It is becoming very frustrating watching this offense. His game plan has become predictable. Even the commentators were making remarks about it when they brought up the fact that Chansi Stucky runs a shallow crossing route on third down and is always stopped short.

– Speaking of the offense, where is the wildcat/flash/cyclone offense everyone was talking about in the preseason. Even if it’s only used 5-10 plays a game, it still makes other teams use practice time on it. One thing could be WR/KR Josh Cribbs is not a 100%. He might not even be a 90%. He looks slow and like he has no lateral movement at all. He came back pretty quick from dislocating 4 toes on his right foot, maybe too quick. But still, why not use QB Seneca Wallace or Peyton Hillis  just to throw a curve ball every once in a while.

– On Benson’s TD run, did anyone see the horrible angle CB Eric Wright took? Instead of shooting the gap and widening the play, he took the outside and Benson ran right past him for the easy score and his nightmare season continues. Wright left later in the game with a lower leg injury.

– I like the way CB Joe Haden has been progressing this season. While he is still making a few coverage errors here and there, he is making up for it by being a sure tackler and making big plays when needed. He is a star in the making.

– WR Terrell Owens left the game in the first with a left knee injury. At 37, you have to wonder how much he has left in him.

– The Bengals had a great game plan coming in. Carson Palmer has been struggling lately, so the team put the burden on Benson. Palmer had a solid game going 14-23 for 209 yards with 0 TDs and INTs.

– The Bengals now lead the Browns in the overall record in the Battle for Ohio 39-36.