Bill Cowher Has a Wish List of Jobs That Doesn’t Include Browns


At least it’s finally out there. Bill Cowher has confirmed what everyone has known for a few years now – he’d like to return to the sidelines. However, that doesn’t mean he’ll take just any job in the NFL.

He’s got a short wish list of teams that he will consider, which includes the Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, and New York Giants. One team noticeably absent from that list is the Cleveland Browns. Despite playing for and coaching the Browns at different points in his career, the Browns do not appear to be in the running for Cowher’s next head coaching job.

So how will this influence the Browns’ search for a new head coach (if you believe that Eric Mangini is about to get canned). If Jon Gruden wants to come here, it will influence that search very little. However, let’s say that Gruden isn’t coming to coach the Browns next season – what next? Does Mike Holmgren coach this team? Will he still remain as the president?

Holmgren is a great coach, but he had less success when he was running the entire show in Seattle. I’d be wary of seeing him pull double duty with the Browns as well, but there’s no doubt we’d all be excited to see him as a coach once again.

If both Gruden and Holmgren pass on coaching the Browns, what happens then? How do you convince a fan base then that this new coach could be any better than Eric Mangini? I figured the whole point of firing Mangini at the end of this season was to grab a star head coach. And if the Browns don’t land one?

Well, they’ll just be the same old Browns.