Who’s to Blame for the Cleveland Browns’ Loss on Sunday?


With the way the media has been reporting it, you would think that head coach Eric Mangini has already been fired. Most of us have noticed that the writers of The Plain Dealer simply can’t wait to see Mangini gone, with the most recent evidence looking like this:

But is he truly to blame for all of the Browns’ recent troubles, particularly on Sunday? There has been a heaping pile of criticism placed on his conservative playcalling, especially at the end of the first half on Sunday, when he failed to utilize two timeouts and go for a touchdown. Then, the Browns went for an onside kick at the start of the second half, only to fail to recover it and give the Ravens great field position that ultimately led to a touchdown. However, I’m not willing to say that’s the reason the Browns lost. With the offense looking fairly anemic, Mangini had to try something. The Browns were able to get points at the end of the first half, and could have gained some momentum by recovering an onside kick. It was, at the very least, an understandable move.

You want to criticize the coaching staff for not being creative? The only Browns touchdown of the day was because of a trick play. The kind of stuff only works for so long against great defenses. You don’t think teams have started looking for those types of plays from Cleveland?

Nevertheless, how much blame can we place on the coaching staff? How much can we blame on Colt McCoy, who finally played like a rookie? Let us know who needs to shoulder most of the blame for Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens.