Is This Eric Mangini’s Last Game in Cleveland?


In addition to the work that I do here at Dawg Pound Daily, I have the opportunity to write a weekly column with the Blog Blitz section over at I’ll post an excerpt of my article, and you can follow the link to read the rest.

Here is this week’s excerpt:

It is becoming increasingly evident that today’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers might be the last one for head coach Eric Mangini. Just as the last quarter of the season might have saved him last year, the last quarter of this season might have spelled doom for Mangini, as the Browns are sputtering to the 2010 finish line.

It would be unfortunate if it really is Eric Mangini’s last game as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. Despite the team’s overall record, I think just about any fan would recognize that some real progress has been made this season. Thanks to a solid draft (producing players such as cornerback Joe Haden, safety T.J. Ward and quarterback Colt McCoy), the Browns look like a team with an actual future ahead of it. However, the NFL, like most sports leagues, has become a league fueled by impatience and the need for immediate returns.

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