Play for Pride and the Fans – A Fan’s Plea


The Browns have nothing to play for, is what some people say. In fact,  losing this game will actually help the Browns. By losing this week, they would receive a higher draft choice and all but seal the fate of coach Eric Mangini. To some extent, I can see where is argument  make sense. In fact, 9 times out of 10, I would be behind this. But not this week.

The Browns have actually have two things to play for, pride and the fans. Beating the Steelers would not only make my day, but it would allow me 9 months of gloating to my Steeler supporting friends. The Browns could knock the Steelers down to the 5 seed, making them go on the road to try and make another run at a Super Bowl. Winning this game would vindicate almost all of the losses this season. Winning this game give optimism to the fans and the players. Winning this game means everything to the fans and it should mean everything to the players.

So Browns players, win this one for us. Win it for yourselves. Win it for your soon-to-be ex-coaches. Go out there, give the best effort you can and bring home the W. Make us proud to be Browns fans once again!