Cleveland Browns LB Scott Fujita Thinks NFL Lockout is Inevitable


It’s something that most NFL fans are aware of, but have chosen to ignore throughout this season. I’m talking, of course, about the potential lockout, and if you were to talk to Browns linebacker Scott Fujita (an NFL union executive committee member), and many other players I’m sure, it’s the future the league is heading towards.

One of the biggest reasons for this potential lockout is the league’s desire to switch to an 18-game season. In addition to potentially reduced salaries and the issue of  insurance, players have a lot of gripes with the current collective bargaining negotiations. The current collective bargaining agreement ends in early March, which means things could get very ugly soon after the Super Bowl.

There’s no doubt that we should all be paying attention to how this situation develops, especially when Fujita says something in an article like “It certainly looks that way to me” when asked if a lockout is inevitable. However, it’s hard to think of any of this talk – on either side – as anything else but posturing before the CBA ends. Obviously, no side is going to concede anything major until it gets closer to zero hour. Sure, it’s going to have a lot of fans sweating, but the NFL – the most well-run league in the country – should get this one right.

Besides, what else would Sundays be for?