The AFC Championship Game is a Browns Fan’s Worst Nightmare


To Browns fans, the AFC Championship game match-up is a nightmare come true. On one hand, you have the Browns’ biggest rivals – the Pittsburgh Steelers – once again fighting for the chance to play in the Super Bowl. On the other hand, there is the New York Jets, a team that has polarized football fans all season.

So, as these two teams face off for the right to go to the Super Bowl,who would you rather see win?

With the Jets, you either love ’em or hate ’em, but most, if not all, Browns fans have one huge reason to dislike them. That comes in the form of wide receiver Braylon Edwards, the former Brown who, at one point or another, has gotten on the nerves of Cleveland fans. Whether it was his consistent underachieving or delusional accusations about the fan base once he left, Edwards is universally despised in Cleveland. That being said, it would be agonizing watching him celebrate a Super Bowl victory (after all, it was agonizing enough watching him make the key catch in the win over the Indianapolis Colts on Wild Card weekend).

We all might hate the Steelers, but you certainly have to respect them. It’s hard not to admire the way this organization is run and the success that it has had. It’s infuriating to watch them crush the Browns nearly every season, but whether we care to admit it or not, they are the exact type of team fans want the Browns to become. Plus, there’s that other-team-from-our-conference-is-playing vibe from college football going on. It’s good to support your own conference (or division in this case) and potentially ensure that you played the very best.

So, who would you rather see represent the AFC in the Super Bowl? There are a multitude of reasons to wish that the NFL would just declare the NFC winner the Super Bowl champion and forgo the actual game in Arlington, Texas. But since there’s a pretty good chance that would never happen, we have to consider the likelihood that a team despised by Browns fans might once again win the biggest championship game in the world.

What would be more frustrating – watching the Steelers playing for yet another Super Bowl or having to endure the potential title of Braylon Edwards – Super Bowl Champion?