Colt McCoy is Confident that He is the Browns’ Starting Quarterback


In a recent interview with Dan Patrick, Browns quarterback Colt McCoy displayed some confidence when it comes to his standing with this team:

"“I just work hard every day, go to work, and know that I am the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.”"

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the position now that a new head coach is in place, it’s good to see McCoy show the confidence that is needed to keep a quarterback job in the NFL. Whether or not he’ll make it remains to be seen, but he’s shown the most promise of any young Browns quarterback since the team’s return in 1999.

I’m not saying he’s the savior of this team because I’m not sure Jesus wouldn’t turn and walk the other way when it comes to the Browns, but McCoy gives this team a real shot at some stability at the quarterback position. If these young receivers are going to improve, finding a quarterback who can make it through an entire season – by avoiding a benching or an injury that causes him to be out for an extended period of time – is a real priority.