Cleveland Browns Place Franchise Tag on Kicker Phil Dawson


Fret no more, Browns fans! While we convinced ourselves that the Browns’ beloved kicker Phil Dawson would be moving on to another team after this season, it seems as though the team had other plans.

The Browns have placed the franchise tag on Dawson, putting his 2011 salary at $3.25 million. This would give him a nice raise, as his previous salary was $1 million a year.

The collective bargaining negotiations have complicated just about everything in the football world, but if the rules stay the same under the next agreement, this franchise tag doesn’t mean that Dawson can’t sign with another team. It does mean, however, that his new team would have to surrender two first-round picks to the Browns. The team can also match any offer.

It certainly seemed like a foregone conclusion that Dawson would be leaving, and who knows how thrilled he is to potentially be returning to Cleveland. It’s been obvious for the past few seasons that he has wanted a new contract, and it never seemed like the Browns were willing to provide that. But, barring a better contract with another team (and this team would really want to have him), Phil Dawson will most likely continue to play for the Cleveland Browns in 2011. That is, of course, if there is a 2011 season.