Browns Plan to Draft QB, But Colt McCoy is Still the Man


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Browns would consider drafting a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft. After all, that’s been a part of president Mike Holmgren’s draft strategy for quite some time, and he used to have a pretty dependable quarterback during his time in Green Bay.

That being said, Holmgren has made a point of saying that the role of starting quarterback is essentially Colt McCoy’s to lose. He has been meeting with new head coach Pat Shurmur to get a feel for the offense, so it’s obvious that the team is committed to giving McCoy a real chance. It’s refreshing to finally hear this early that the Browns have determined who their starting quarterback would be.

Holmgren had this to say in a article about bringing in another quarterback to compete with McCoy:

"“It’s nice to have all this competition and all this stuff, but it doesn’t work very well, usually. So if you believe in a young man, believe he’s ‘the guy,’ then you have to go with it.”"

This is a completely foreign concept to Browns fans, but I think it’s something we could all get used to pretty quick.