Does WR Brian Robiskie Have a Bright Future in Cleveland?


With the Browns switching to a West Coast offense in 2011, it will no doubt have a major impact on the team’s receiving corps. One of the biggest complaints about last year’s offense centered around the misuse of the wide receivers. Whether or not they were the most talented group in the NFL doesn’t matter; they were used so sporadically that it often felt like making them run around on plays was some sort of cruel joke.

Nevertheless, as the Browns began to open up the passing game (and I mean the slimmest of openings), second-year receiver Brian Robiskie began to show some promise. Despite only catches 29 balls for 310 yards and three touchdowns, Robiskie looked more confident as the season progressed, and he began to show some of the talent that warranted him being a second-round draft pick.

As the new offense takes shape, guys like Robiskie will have to be more involved. Seeing that reliability take shape late last season should give fans some hope that he will, in fact, have a bright future in Cleveland.

It’s that kind of development that makes me hesitant to think that the Browns should choose a wide receiver with the sixth overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Sure, it’s been baby steps with this receiving corps and there is a long way to go (and the team will most definitely have to draft a receiver early), but the Browns need to set their sights on the defensive line with that first pick.