Wondering About RB Clinton Portis Coming to the Cleveland Browns


In no way am I saying that I’d actually want running back Clinton Portis to come to the Cleveland Browns. At this point in his career, he’s probably overpaid and a pretty big risk based on his recent health.

Nevertheless, Portis would be an intriguing option for the Browns. Even with the emergence of Peyton Hillis, recent history should tell us that one impressive year on the Browns doesn’t necessarily translate to prolonged success. And as the season wore on, Hillis began to show the signs of wear and tear from not having a viable back-up.

Montario Hardesty, who sat out the entire 2010 season due to injury, could be that back-up option, but he’s still a rookie and already has plenty of injury issues of his own.

Portis has already said that he’s not crazy about the idea of no longer being the go-to guy. However, if he decides to see what else is out there, there won’t be many teams looking to make him their number #1 running back. If he’s willing to take a reduced role, he could prolong his career and maybe even experience a resurgence, like LaDainian Tomlinson has in New York.

He’s been outspoken in the past, and has occasionally been one to butt heads with coaches and the media, but he’d be an interesting option for the Browns if he was willing to take that reduced role.