Should the Cleveland Browns Draft WR A.J. Green?


The Browns are one of the hardest picks to pin down when it comes to predicting the upcoming NFL Draft. There are numerous needs that need to be filled on both sides of the ball, but most experts have narrowed it down to the positions of wide receiver and anything along the defensive line.

One of the names thrown around most is Georgia wide receiver A.J. Green, and with good reason. Not only is he considered the best wide receiver in the draft, he is also considered by some as the best prospect in the entire draft. It seems almost like a no-brainer for the Browns, then, as the team’s top two receivers in 2010 were actually a tight end and a running back.

Additionally, the Browns are making the transition to the West Coast offense, placing a larger emphasis on the passing game. Green would most likely do wonders for the receiving corps and could develop nicely right alongside young quarterback Colt McCoy.

I would endorse the idea of the Browns drafting Green, but there is a nagging thought on my mind. The true key to building a championship-caliber team is by developing solid lines, both offensively and defensively. The Browns have a young secondary that showed signs of a very bright future, so imagine what a formidable defensive line could do for that unit’s development.

And let’s face it, the best teams in the AFC North hang their hats on having great defenses. The Cincinnati Bengals have tried to win this division with a high-powered offense and it just doesn’t work against the likes of the Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers. The status of the Browns’ division makes it imperative for them to address the defense early, and this is supposed to be a banner year for defensive players.

Green would no doubt improve the offense, but if the Browns want to finally break through to the next level, it’s going to come from the success of the defense.