Should Colt McCoy Be the Starting Quarterback for the Browns?


It’s not exactly a question that I want to ask, because I don’t really want to even have to consider the alternatives at quarterback for the Browns. Seneca Wallace? A draft pick like Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert?

Colt McCoy has essentially been told that the job is his to lose, but there has been plenty of talk about the Browns using a pick in the upcoming NFL draft to select a quarterback. While I believe the thought of drafting a quarterback with the sixth overall pick is simply smoke and mirrors, it wouldn’t surprise me to see the Browns draft a quarterback at some point.

After all, there isn’t exactly a lot of NFL experience to reference when evaluating McCoy. Selecting a quarterback in this year’s draft doesn’t do anything to McCoy’s job security – for now – but it won’t do much help if starts to struggle for a few games in a row. Browns fans are a finicky bunch.

That being said, it’s important that the Browns finally let a young quarterback take his lumps and attempt to develop with the team in the attempt to become a quality NFL quarterback. McCoy has been the Browns’ best chance for that in a while, and the team has tried every other method, so why wouldn’t they try it this way for once?

What do you think? Is this McCoy’s job to lose, or should the Browns make an effort to draft a quarterback early and let them duke it out? My opinion is emphatically geared towards the latter.