Will the Cleveland Browns Trade the Sixth Overall Pick?


As the Cleveland Browns continue to rebuild, it’s a question that will have to be asked in every draft. Do the Browns use their first-round draft pick to select one player or does the team trade down for additional picks at various positions? It’s a struggle to determine when to make a move like that, though teams like the New England Patriots have turned it into an art form.

It’s a system that the Browns need to continue to emulate. There are a wide array of opinions about who the Browns should draft with the sixth overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, which might point to a bigger sign. With so many options and needs at multiple positions, it could be in the Browns’ best interest to trade down to acquire more picks.

It’s the non-sexy decision to make on draft day, but it is often the smart one. Even before the uncertainty that this lockout has caused, drafting a top-ten player is a huge risk. Teams throw big money at these types of players, hoping for a return against almost insurmountable expectations. Browns fans, collectively, typically carry lofty expectations wherever they go, and this is a team that needs a foundation before those expectations can loom as large as we want.

That being said, will the Browns trade that sixth pick? It’s hard to say, because no team wants to show its hand too early, but it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the Browns trade down for more picks. Sure, a defensive lineman or wide receiver makes sense, but it makes sense to aim for quality in quantity, at least this year.  Especially in a year that is supposed to be heavy on high quality defensive linemen.

What do you think? Do the Browns trade down or take a chance on a top ten player?

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