Is Jake Delhomme Done Playing for the Cleveland Browns?


There has been plenty of talk this offseason about quarterback Colt McCoy taking over the reins as the starter next season, whenever it begins. There has even been some news about Seneca Wallace thrown in there. The one name that has been absent for the most part has been Jake Delhomme, though it’s completely understandable as to why.

Delhomme isn’t exactly the quarterback Browns fans want to see on the field. The experiment of signing him was a massive failure, other than his value as a mentor to McCoy as he takes over. But, does that “tutor quality” make it worth bringing Delhomme back in 2011 for $5.4 million? The team seems to at least be mulling it over, as president Mike Holmgren has mentioned Delhomme’s return as a possibility.

There are good cases for both sides. There is, of course, the idea that Delhomme will be able to give McCoy plenty of advice throughout his first full season as a starter. But does that really warrant his $5.4 million price tag? Given his on-field play in 2010, Delhomme doesn’t exactly hold much value anywhere else.

It’s not a matter of whether or not Delhomme wants to return as just a back-up, because reports of him saying he has no intention of doing so have been false. It really comes down to the Browns organization and whether or not they would want to pay the hefty price to keep Delhomme around. He’s a class act and a great mentor for the team, but is that enough to keep him on the team?

After all, despite his grumblings to be the starter, Seneca Wallace is a more than capable back-up, making it even less likely that Delhomme will stick around. I will say this about Delhomme’s chances: with first-time head coach Pat Shurmur calling the offensive plays, having Delhomme around to help McCoy might actually be worthwhile. With a new offensive system in place as well, any help will be valuable.