NFL Cancels Rookie Symposium, Surprising Few But Bothering Many


This lockout continues to feel like an enormous fight between parents, and the fans are just the children in the middle of it all. This time, the NFL has cancelled the rookie symposium, a summer event that allows rookies to meet current and former players while, more importantly, getting the opportunity to learn about life skills, the culture of the league, what situations they may find themselves in, and the issue of money.

The symposium was set to begin June 26th in Canton, so the league’s cancellation is only further proof that it has no intention of budging in this increasingly bitter feud. While some cite the fact that, sure, the event wouldn’t be able to happen anyway, it sends a clear sign that there might be no end in sight to this lockout for quite some time.

This event is a worthwhile chance for the rookies to get acclimated to the league and to gain an idea of what to expect as they begin their careers. One has to feel for this rookie class, as they are unable to utilize the mighty important minicamps of the off-season to learn the playbook, meet their teammates, meet the coaching staff and, most important of all, get hazed by all the veterans.

How this will affect new players remains to be seen, but this lockout is bound to have an especially large effect on all of the Cleveland Browns players and coaches, as just about every aspect of theam – from the coaches down to the offense and defense themselves – will be brand new. The longer this lockout goes on, the shorter amount of time the Browns, and every team for that matter, will have to prepare for the 2011 season.