Third “Camp Colt” Planned for June 9-11 at University of Texas


Wide receiver Josh Cribbs has let it be known that a third “Camp Colt” will be taking place June 9-11 at Colt McCoy’s alma mater, the University of Texas.

The first players-only workout took place in late April at the university while the second group of workouts took place closer to Cleveland, at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea.

Many of the same offensive players who have attended the first two camps are expected to return for the third, with the notable exception of Cribbs. He will be attending his birthday party in Washington, DC. Also, the invitation once again goes out to all the rookies, though these types of workouts put them in an awkward position.

While it would be worthwhile for them to attend, it would especially not be in a rookie’s best interest to get injured in a workout with no trainers around. Yes, these players are now members of the Browns, but without signing any contracts, these rookies will remain in a murky in-between until the lockout is over. People may be upset that receiver Greg Little isn’t attending these workouts at the suggestion of his agent, but it’s likely in his best interest.

However, for the rest of the Browns’ offensive players, this continues to be a great opportunity to learn the West Coats offense. Sure, the possibility of injury is there for them as well, but it could be argued that they have less to lose in this situation.