Never Mind, the Cleveland Browns Won’t Pursue Plaxico Burress


According to a league source, the Cleveland Browns will not pursue fresh-out-of-prison free agent Plaxico Burress. This comes in addition to GM Tom Heckert’s comments that the Browns will be conservative in free agency, whenever that may begin.

The Browns aren’t pursuing Burress not because he is in his mid-30s without playing any professional football whatsoever for two years, but because the team feels relatively comfortable with what it has as far as wide receivers go. In a article, Heckert explained the Browns’ reasoning like this:

"“We added a tight end, and added a fullback that can catch the ball, so I think we did help our receiving as a group,” he said. “But if we think somebody can improve us, we’ll do it.”"

The only issue there is that it would be nice if the Browns would, you know, get wide receivers to help the receiving corps. As long as the front office is open to the idea of signing a receiver to improve the group – it certainly doesn’t have to be Burress – that’s good enough for now. Whether or not that translates into anything remains to be seen, but it’s obvious that the Browns need to make at least a few worthwhile moves in free agency in order to plug some key roster holes.