Full-Squad Minicamp for Cleveland Browns Players Could Be on the Way


Quarterback Colt McCoy has already helped put together three minicamps for the offensive players on the Cleveland Browns, but a newly proposed idea could include the defense as well.

McCoy and linebacker Scott Fujita are looking to put together a full-team minicamp should the lockout continue to drag on. While recent talks have been positive and everyone is starting to feel optimistic that a deal will get done, it’s likely that it won’t happen for at least a few weeks.

Most players on the Browns seem to be on board with the idea, and everyone is working together to make sure everyone who wants to attend is able to do so. If that means that the veterans will help incur some travel costs for the rookies and younger players, then so be it.

As the lockout drags on, it’s great to see Browns players taking the initiative to get the team together for these minicamps. It goes beyond just staying in shape and gaining an understanding of the playbook – these are the ways in which that necessary camaraderie is built.

It would just be nice to know when this can all happen with the coaches around.