Do the Cleveland Browns Really Have Enough Weapons at Wide Receiver?


By now, we all know about the excitement surrounding rookie wide receiver Greg Little and what he can potentially bring to the offense. At some point, though, the NFL lockout will end and free agency will begin. There will likely be wide receivers available for the Cleveland Browns to sign, and they could certainly use it.

Including Little, the position is a graveyard of underachievement and untapped potential (so far). If the Browns are truly confident with the way things are going into 2011, they are going to have to cut quarterback Colt McCoy a little slack if he struggles out of the gate. Defense will be focusing on running back Peyton Hillis, forcing McCoy to beat them in the passing game and, as of right now, he doesn’t have a lot to work with.

To add to the pressure, the offense is undergoing a shift towards the West Coast offense and this lockout, keeping players and coaches from working together, certainly doesn’t help. That aspect alone might make bringing in a veteran receiver worth it. This all goes without mentioning that this is Pat Shurmur’s first year as a head coach, the icing on the wobbling cake that is the current state of the Browns.

With all of the confusion that this particular off-season is bringing, the Browns could use as much leadership as possible in 2011. What do you think? With so many holes to fill, do the Browns even aim for a veteran wide receiver in free agency?