Here’s to Hoping that QB Colt McCoy is a Success in the NFL


Quarterback Colt McCoy is quickly endearing himself to his teammates and Cleveland Browns fans everywhere by hosting these “Camp Colt” minicamps, the most recent one taking place this week in Austin, Texas.

If you follow any of the Browns players on Twitter, and you certainly should, you’ll get the feeling that the team had a great time down there. They participated in drills and film sessions, sure, but these camps are also about the camaraderie between teammates.

Now, if McCoy hadn’t established these camps, it’s possible that the team could have gotten together and practiced, but the quarterback is the natural leader of a football team, so this was a huge step for the second-year player. It’s obvious that McCoy knows how to get his teammates to rally around him. Take this recent tweet from linebacker Scott Fujita for example:

"Special thanks to @coltmccoy for putting everything together & to all the Browns who made the effort to come & get better"

That’s the easy part, though. The bigger test comes on the field where McCoy will not only have to keep his teammates motivated, but help an offense rise above weak expectations. And just as a quarterback is the leader, so too is he often the scapegoat of an offense’s struggles. It would be a shame to see McCoy take the fall for a poor offense, struggling to succeed in a situation that is currently designed for him to fail.

It would be ideal for him to rise above that and become an exceptional NFL quarterback. Not only would it mean that the Browns are heading in the right direction but it would also prevent these full-squad minicamps that he put on from becoming awkward anecdotes in a “what could have been” career.