NFL Players Not Voting on Friday, Everyone Hoping for a Weekend Vote


The NFL Players Association continues to review the details of the proposed collective bargaining agreement, asking players to “stay put” as everyone in this big mess figures out what to do next.

Yes, the owners voted to approve the new 10-year labor agreement on Friday, but it was done so in a very sly manner, presenting it to the media for everyone to see and throwing a few caveats in there that they knew the players would not be fond of, thereby making the players look like the side that is holding up the start of the season.

A dastardly move, sure, but the NFLPA is still trying to find a way to agree to the new CBA this weekend, though it’s a process that could take longer than just this weekend. One of the biggest issues is simply finding a way to get all the players together to even vote on this new agreement when the time comes.

The Hall of Fame game, which was originally supposed to take place on August 7, is the biggest victim yet in this lockout and if the players don’t throw a complete fit and send this thing back to the drawing board, it’s still possible to see a deal done early next week.