Former Cleveland Browns LB Matt Roth Signs One-Year Deal With Jaguars


It was a foregone conclusion that linebacker Matt Roth would no longer be with the Cleveland Browns in 2011, but it was a mystery as to where he would land next – until now.

Roth has signed a one-year, $3 million deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars after letting it be known that he could be had for that price to any team that would pay it.

It was surprising to see Roth wallow away in free agent purgatory for this long. It’s not for a lack of interest from the league, as a number of teams considered his services this offseason.

Perhaps it had something to do with what kind of team he wanted to play for. Roth stated earlier this summer that he would prefer to stay in the 3-4 and, hopefully, play for a winning team. Apparently none of those types of teams wanted to take a chance on Roth, as he is now on the Jaguars, a team with a 4-3 defense in a division dominated year in and year out by the Indianapolis Colts.

Lucky for Roth that it’s just a one-year deal.