2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week One

Rank (LW)TeamComment2011 Record
1 (1)PackersThe Packers won a shoot-out against the New Orleans Saints, as they look poised to make another run at the Super Bowl. 1-0
2 (2) PatriotsIt’s no surprise that the Patriots demolished the Miami Dolphins, but Tom Brady’s 517 yards? Probably shouldn’t come as a surprise either. 1-0
3 (4) EaglesThe Eagles looked every bit as solid as they are supposed to be. 1-0
4 (8) RavensThe Ravens consider themselves Super Bowl contenders, and there’s no reason to doubt that after their beatdown of the Steelers. 1-0
5 (6) JetsThe Jets have a big Tony Romo mistake to thank for their victory, but a win is a win, right? 1-0
6 (3) SteelersIf any team can come back from such a disappointing opener, it’s the Steelers. 0-1
7 (5) FalconsThe Falcons fell flat in Chicago, and have a tough test at home against the Eagles next week. 0-1
8 (7) SaintsThe Saints defense was gutted against the Packers, but I wouldn’t expect that to be a trend this season. 0-1
9 (10) ChargersThe Chargers finally avoided a very early disappointment – maybe this truly is their year. 1-0
10 (14) TexansTaking Peyton Manning out of the equation, the Texans still put up 34 points, looking ready to finally make a run at the playoffs. 1-0
11 (18) LionsBeating the Buccaneers in Tampa Bay was the next step towards prominence for the Lions. 1-0
12 (21) BearsThe Bears took care of business at home against the vaunted Atlanta Falcons, and Jay Cutler looked good in the process. 1-0
13 (11) BuccaneersThe Buccaneers are still a good, young team on the rise.0-1
14 (17) CardinalsThe Cardinals got into a shootout with the lowly Panthers and gave up 422 yards passing to Cam Newton, but Arizona could still take the division. 1-0
15 (15)CowboysDespite their late collapse, the Cowboys looked good against the vaunted Jets. I still believe this is a team capable of making the playoffs. 0-1
16 (19) RaidersThe Raiders are a playoff contender if Darren McFadden can manage to stay healthy. 1-0
17 (12) GiantsThere are a lot of questions surrounding the Giants (especially after losing to Washington) and if they miss the playoffs once again, it might be time to make some big changes. 0-1
18 (9) ColtsThe Colts can’t be this bad without Peyton Manning, can they? 0-1
19 (16) RamsWR Danny Amendola is possibly out for the season, RB Steven Jackson is likely out next week, but at least QB Sam Bradford plans to start. They’re being tested early. 0-1
20 (20) JaguarsNot a bad start for the Jaguars in the now wide-open AFC South. 1-0
21 (25) 49ersThe 49ers have Ted Ginn, Jr. to thank for their first victory of the season. 1-0
22 (28) RedskinsAn impressive win at home for the revamped Redskins. Does Rex Grossman finally make the most of his opportunity as a starter? 1-0
23 (22) DolphinsWas the blowout at the hands of the Patriots a surprise to anyone? On the bright side, Chad Henne was able to throw for 416 yards in the wake of Tom Brady’s peformance. 0-1
24 (24) TitansDon’t believe for a second that Chris Johnson will only rush for 24 yards again this season. 0-1
25 (13) ChiefsThe Chiefs didn’t do much right in getting blown out by the Bills on Sunday, and could be experiencing the year-after letdown that overachieving teams face. 0-1
26 (32) BengalsMaybe the Bengals aren’t as hapless as everyone thought? Granted, the Browns weren’t doing themselves any favors in the Bengals 27-17 win. 1-0
27 (30) BillsThe Bills put the hurting on the Chiefs to the tune of 41 points. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a very capable quarterback and people are finally starting to see it. 1-0
28 (31) PanthersThe Panthers lost, but Cam Newton threw for a rookie record 422 yards. He won’t keep that up, but that performance provides some optimism for the team’s fans. 0-1
29 (29) BroncosDo Broncos fans really think that Tim Tebow gives their team a better chance to win right now? 0-1
30 (23) VikingsDonovan McNabb went 7 of 15 for 39 yards. That tells you just about everything you need to know about where this team is heading. 0-1
31 (27) BrownsPenalties, a poor showing by the offensive line, and questionable play-calling made it an unimpressive debut for head coach Pat Shurmur. 0-1
32 (26)SeahawksThe Seahawks will have a tough season, despite playing in the soft NFC West. If they can’t win in their own division, their outlook isn’t good. 0-1