What is Going On With Cleveland Browns WR Brian Robiskie?


In the Cleveland Browns’ first two games of the season, wide receiver Brian Robiskie has had two balls thrown to him, but no catches to show for it. Robiskie didn’t even see a pass come his way in the team’s win over the Indianapolis Colts last Sunday.

In his first two seasons, Robiskie never exactly lit it up, but that recent stat line still begs the question: What is going on with Brian Robiskie? He is in the much-anticipated third season, the time for a wide receiver to prove his worth in the NFL. Many feel that if a receiver can’t make much of an impact in three seasons, he never will.

Head coach Pat Shurmur addressed Robiskie’s lack of production so far this season, denying that he has soured on the young receiver. Shurmur cited the fact that Robiskie was on the field for more than 25 snaps, so he’s at least getting the appearances. It might just come down to the fact that Robiskie can’t get open in his routes. It’s been three seasons and Browns fans haven’t seen much development.

Perhaps he is being used in the wrong way, or maybe he just can’t cut it in the NFL. Either way, Robiskie doesn’t have much time left to prove that he belongs on the Browns roster past the 2011 season.