2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week Three

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 1. Green Bay Packers (3-0; Last week – 1): There have been some huge surprises in the NFL so far this season, and many teams with big expectations have faltered early in the season. The defending Super Bowl champions, though? Not so much.

 2. New England Patriots (2-1; Last week – 2): The Patriots suffered an uncharacteristic collapse in Buffalo, but does it have more to do with the Bills riding high? The Pats might have a suspect secondary, but Tom Brady and the offense keep them ranked this high.

 3. New Orleans Saints (2-1; Last week – 8): It was a shootout at home against the Houston Texans, but the Saints pulled out the win. The defense is especially suspect early in the season.

 4. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1; Last week – 6): The Steelers nearly blew it against the Indianapolis Colts and have major issues on the offensive line, but hey, this is the Steelers we’re talking about. They’ll be in the thick of things as the season moves along.

 5. Detroit Lions (3-0; Last week – 10): The Lions earned their last win, coming from 20 points down on the road to the Minnesota Vikings. That should just about prove that this team is for real.

 6. Baltimore Ravens (2-1; Last week – 7): A 37-7 steamrolling of the Rams moves the Ravens up, but they have a big test this week on the road against the Jets.

 7. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2; Last week – 5): The Eagles currently give up the third-most rushing yards per game in the league (131.3).

 8. Atlanta Falcons (1-2; Last week – 4): Each loss makes Browns fans just a little bit happier.

 9. Houston Texans (2-1; Last week – 9): The defense blew the Texans’ chance to start out the season 3-0.

 10. San Diego Chargers (2-1; Last week – 11): The Chargers nearly blew it against the hapless Chiefs, though that honestly wouldn’t have been all that surprising, since the Chiefs have a knack for accumulating mind-blowing early-season losses.