2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week Three

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 21. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2; Last week – 21): Maurice Jones-Drew is off to his best career start, totaling 307 yards rushing and one touchdown through the Jaguars’ first three games.

 22. Arizona Cardinals (1-2; Last week – 13): Here’s all you need to know about the Cardinals: they couldn’t put up more than ten points against the Seahawks.

 23. St. Louis Rams (0-3; Last week – 22): The Rams have been dealing with a lot of injuries, but they seem to be faltering under the increased expectations this season.

 24. Denver Broncos (1-2; Last week – 24): Like so many teams, the Broncos have had big injuries on both sides of the ball. Does anyone out there think there will be a Brady Quinn sighting anytime this year?

 25. Cleveland Browns (2-1; Last week – 29): The Browns have yet to play a high-quality opponent, and the Titans will be their biggest test yet. The offense didn’t play particularly well against the Dolphins, but the young defense continues to shine.

 26. Carolina Panthers (1-2; Last week – 28): Cam Newton got his first career win, which is great and all, but what’s important here is that the Panthers remain No. 1 on my list of Team Logos Most in Need of a Redesign.

 27. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2; Last week – 26): Cedric Benson’s upcoming suspension sure isn’t going to help the offense, though Bernard Scott is a viable backup (especially in fantasy football).

 28. Indianapolis Colts (0-3; Last week – 27):  The Colts are still winless, but they showed far more fight than anyone expected on Sunday night against the Steelers.

 29. Miami Dolphins (0-3; Last week – 25): The Dolphins played well enough to win against the Browns, but the fact of the matter remains that they faltered when the game was on the line.

 30. Seattle Seahawks (1-2; Last week – 31): The Seahawks got their first win on Sunday, but it was against the Cardinals. However, in the NFC West, getting wins inside the division will be even more important than usual.

 31. Minnesota Vikings (0-3; Last week – 30): Three huge meltdowns have prevented the Vikings from being 3-0, but that’s life in the NFL.

 32. Kansas City Chiefs (0-3; Last week – 32): The Chiefs nearly came back against the Chargers, but Kansas City could still very likely be Andrew Luck’s destination in April.