Browns Center Alex Mack’s Status for Oct. 16 Raiders Game Uncertain


At this point, no one is going to question the toughness of Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack. Mack unknowingly played with appendicitis during last Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans, requiring an immediate appendectomy on Monday.

The Browns center threw up at practice on Thursday, felt queasy during Sunday’s game, and was having issues on Sunday night as well. As his symptoms worsened, doctors discovered what was wrong with him and he underwent the appendectomy at 3 p.m. on Monday, with everything going well in the surgery.

Mack’s status for the Browns’ Oct. 16 game against the Oakland Raiders remains up in the air, but he did have this to say over Twitter:

"Sorry world, no pictures of “anti-awesomeness” but I will say I’m getting better"

He is, of course, referencing Houston Texans running back Arian Foster, who tweeted the MRI of his injured hamstring, calling it “anti-awesomeness.” It is good news, though, that Mack is feeling beter. Just as it is the case for cornerback Joe Haden and his injured knee, Mack has the bye week to recover from his surgery, making the prospects of his return on Oct. 16 much better.