2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week Five

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11. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2): Every time you think it’s just “not the Steelers’ year,” they go and blow someone out.

12. New York Giants (3-2): The NFC East is wide open in 2011, but the Giants smell like an 8-8 team.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2): Losing to the Saints this week will make the rest of this season an uphill battle for the Bucs.

14. Oakland Raiders (3-2): The Browns need to be careful – the Raiders are playing with a lot of pride for late owner Al Davis.

15. Atlanta Falcons (2-3): The Falcons prove that it’s hard to gauge a team based on it’s previous year’s success.

16. Dallas Cowboys (2-2): One week, Tony Romo is courageous for playing through an injury. The next, he’s the scapegoat for another epic loss.

17. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2): A.J. Green is a stud and Andy Dalton is looking good so far. If you were a Browns fan, would you switch Colt McCoy and, say, Greg Little for those two?

18. Tennessee Titans (3-2): The Titans were brought back down to Earth after a good ol’ fashioned beating by the Steelers.

19. New York Jets (2-3): Looks like the Rex Ryan magic is starting to wear off as the defense looks mighty suspect.

20. Seattle Seahawks (2-3): A road win against the Giants makes the Seahawks one of the more confusing teams in the NFL.