Video of the Day: LeBron James Playing for the Cleveland Browns?


The NBA lockout has left professional basketball players with a lot of time on their hands. Some of them, like the Milwaukee Bucks’ Brandon Jennings, have taken to playing pick-up games wherever they can. Others, like the Miami Heat’s LeBron James, have pondered the possibility of jumping to the NFL.

People have long wondered how James would fare in the NFL – he’s built like a tight end and could easily handle himself on the field. No one’s ever really seriously considered the proposition, but with the NBA lockout threatening to end the entire season, James has, at the very least, toyed with the idea.

And while James might never actually take the field as a professional football player, CBS Sports’ Will Brinson has given us a glimpse into the possibility by creating him as a player in Madden NFL 12. Better yet, he put him on the Cleveland Browns.

So tell us, Browns fans, would you want to see LeBron James suit up for another Cleveland team?

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